Getting Paid – Setting Up Your PayPal Account


Getting Paid – Setting Up Your PayPal Account

You’ll ultimately need to set up a Paypal account in order to collect credit card payments from your customers online (and that money will then flow into whatever bank account you connect to your Paypal account). This is relatively easy to set up, though there are some important settings to configure in your new PayPal account (which we will help walk you through with this tutorial).

The first step is to go here and create a business account for free:

Once you set up your Paypal account, you’ll need to go in and get some “keys” which will be used to connect your PayPal account with your shop settings. Once you’re logged into your new PayPal account, the next steps for integration is showing the following video:


We’ve also put together a more complete set of steps here which you can download (PDF).


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